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Glow Wedding Testimonial: 

It has been a long time since my greeting to you last April. It is already Fall now, and we can see a lot of pretty red leaves around here.

     We got married at the end of April, and we spent Golden Week planning our wedding in Japan. We were also getting ready to move to the U.S. at the same time, which made us really busy― but we got through it and had our wedding at the beginning of June. We went on our honeymoon in mid-June and then moved to the U.S. together to start our new life.
    We finally got settled in August. Since my wife didn’t have a driver’s license in Japan, she had to get a beginner’s permit here. Even though she got a beginner’s permit, she won’t be able to get a regular license for six months. That means she will have to wait until February to drive by herself, which makes our life a little inconvenient.
     Right now, my wife is in Japan visiting her family. Since she was planning this trip for a long time, I believe she is having a relaxing time. She is returning next week, but she will still have to wait to drive by herself a little bit until February.
     I've attached three pictures of us. The first is a picture from our wedding. We had our families and a few friends, but we were happy to be able to have a wedding. The second picture was taken on our honeymoon. Since my wife really wanted to wear a wedding dress, we signed up for a photo plan to have our pictures taken at a church in Hawaii. The third picture was taken at the top of the mountain in a state park nearby. We both like to hike in the mountains, and that day we hiked for about four hours to make it to the mountaintop.
    As I already mentioned, my wife is in Japan now, so I’ve been spending time alone, which haven't experienced for several months. It is so boring. (laugh) I remember that I started looking for a wife when I thought that spending time alone was not fun anymore. 
     Since July, my life with her has been filled with laughter. Sometimes I get scolded by her, but most of the time I apologize and she forgives me. (laugh) It hasn’t been even six months since we got married, and only nine months since I met her for the first time. We have always supported each other, and I want to continue to do so and do our best here in the U.S.
    I still don’t know when, but I would like to visit San Francisco to see you sometime in 2018. It is going to get colder from now on. Please take care of yourself.

Glow testimonial: 

Miyoko is a very thorough and detailed Matchmaker professional. She was more than happy to assist me with all my concerns, and was always very thoughtful and insightful. Miyoko helped with my confidence and the aspects of Japanese culture and society. I am very grateful to her, and Glow Matchmakers, for my experience and positive outcome. - John, Seattle. 

A Recent Glow Marriage!

Glow gave me the opportunity to meet my life partner! Glow services were professional right from the initial consultation in truly taking the time to understand me and the qualities I was seeking in my partner.

The ladies are professional, intelligent and equally serious to find a partner. I was able to meet like-minded women who were open minded. I found this context to be very comfortable. 

I kept an open mind during this process and found a wonderful lady in Japan! We developed our relationship miles apart. I planned a proposal in her hometown. Prior to my visit I sought extra advice with Glow for some cultural notes when meeting the parents for the first time. The information was helpful and great to have.

We recently married and excited to start a life together! We are evidence that a long-distance relationship and union of two different cultures can result in success. Thank you Miyoko for your professionalism and the service that Glow provides!

-M, Age 41

Glow testimonial:

First, thank you very much for taking me on as a Glow client. After a few weeks, it's easy to tell that you have a wonderful business and that your female clients seem to be exactly the type of person that I've been looking for in my search for a life partner. Thank you.

Feedback on K: K and I had a very nice first meeting, which led to four other meetings during her week here in SF. K is a very sweet and sensitive soul. She is a lovely lady with a great heart and is very, very fun to be with. She was fine with every suggestion of plans that I made during the week and she was energetic and happy during every moment of every visit. She is extremely easy to be with, which made me very relaxed and happy too. We had wonderful dinners out on different nights: Cheesecake Factory, Rainforest Café in Fisherman's Wharf, Sushi in the Richmond District, Mexican food in the sunset Dist. We also went to the arcade by Pier 39, took a long walk on Ocean Beach and she even came and volunteered at a walk-a-thon for a medical foundation that I belong to. Everyone I introduced her too just loved her. Her and I got along wonderfully, especially the more that time went on. Overall, she is a wonderful, wonderful lady and I do hope to see her again in the future.

-S, Age 49

"Mr. J visited Japan in early December 2013 and found the woman of his dreams! They got engaged in February and were married in San Francisco in October! Congratulations to both of you! Below is Mr. J's recommendation regarding our service that I wanted to share with you! Thank you to Mr. J!"

International Matchmaker
Dating Service San Francisco, CA

A beautiful success story

Online Dating San Francisco, CA
Asian Women San Francisco, CA
“This summer (2013), I registered for Glow with the intention of finding a lady of special qualities that I had not been able to find by myself through different social circles over the years, being of non-Japanese descent. From the beginning of the glow relationship onward, I found the service to be of high quality due to the personal commitment that [Miyoko-san and] the company's staff gave to collaborate with me on a regular basis throughout the process."

I found the service provided:

* A personal level of communication, which enabled us to work closely together over time to accurately identify ladies that would be a close fit to my specific criteria. In the process, they accurately absorbed my requirements and proactively provided useful suggestions gleaned from their own past experiences.

* Patience to help both parties, lady and gentleman, to understand the process and any cultural and communication style differences.  As a result, they ensured the comfort and openness of the ladies to meet myself, and facilitate warm conversation. 

* Demonstrated flexibility and effort through the search process to meet my needs, as the client, and any challenges that arose. They also incorporated feedback to assist in subsequent introductions.

A Glow Match Makers success story

Some brief highlights of the effort were:

* Handling very specific requirements on physical appearance (both facial and body type), educational background and character traits.

* Personally composed a detailed personal profile whose tone and content were specifically targeted to the Japanese lady audience, with pointers on professional profile photography process as well. From feedback, the Japanese ladies were impressed with the quality of profile in comparison to profiles they received from other agencies.

* A trip to Japan, for which the preparations were difficult and under a short timeframe. In this case, there were multiple rounds of outreach to convince ladies I was interested in to attend, resulting in their final attendance. In addition, several ladies required booking at the last minute, a day before the scheduled meeting slots upon my arrival in Japan. Cross-country coordination at night time occurred between multiple glow staff and sister company staff to ensure the ladies could confirm and attend.

These efforts and more resulted in a successful meeting with a committed, high character and beautiful Japanese lady, just in time for the holidays. We have enjoyed an extended amount of time together during the holidays, and received compliments on the character and beauty of the lady from my friends of various backgrounds. We look forward to meeting her family shortly after the New Year, with an eye towards a final commitment, all within several weeks of introductions.

Another happy client

"The speed at which the relationship has progressed is a clear indication of how close of a match the lady is to myself, across many aspects of our character, lifestyle and life experiences. Without glow, this result would have not been possible, this quickly, if at all. As such, I hope glow can continue to provide it's service to other gentlemen and ladies far in the future.”

- J, 34, Engineering Manager

A happy marriage thanks to Glow Match Makers

Asian Dating San Francisco, CA
"Happy New Year to you too, Miyoko-san. 2014 was a very happy year for M.Y. & I. We got married, and then successfully petitioned for her Green Card, and California Driver’s License.

We celebrated by taking a delayed honeymoon in November: A car trip to Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. We do hope that all is well with you, and thank you again for introducing us. Kind regards."

- B.

Another satisfied client

Dating Service San Francisco, CA
Dating Service San Francisco, CA
 "I recently returned from my first trip to Japan. Glow biz arranged meetings with several terrific high quality ladies that met my criteria perfectly, and I had the time of my life socializing with them in Tokyo. Glow gave me many helpful suggestions on travel arrangements that made things smooth and enjoyable. Thanks glow, my dreams are coming true!

A note to the men: Don't go only by the lady's age or photo; several times I was blown away at how much chemistry there was in person. You've got to get out there and meet them!"

- Paul, Age 50, Insurance Broker

Update: Paul got married this Spring! Wishing both of you the best of things in your marriage!

Success with Glow match Makers

"I can highly recommend the staff at glow and the service they provide. They did a great job of understanding the kind of partner I was looking for, and introducing me to women who really met those criteria. I could tell that they really put a lot of energy into finding women I would like--it's a very personalized service. Being with glow didn't stop me from looking on my own, but in a strange way it made me more confident, as knowing I had dates arranged made me more relaxed about introducing myself to others. Since I'm not partial to bars and didn't enjoy Internet dating, I really looked forward to the nights when they had a date set up for me. I've recommended the service to friends and would join it again if I needed."

- Jeff, Age 50, Architect
Asian Dating San Francisco, CA
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